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At Gloow, everyone goes home with smooth skin and a smile!

In our laser clinic, we believe that laser hair removal should be accessible to everyone. Regardless of your skin and hair type, gender, age, or financial situation, Gloow stands for Social Responsibility. Laser treatment is a basic necessity, not a luxury. Therefore, everyone should be able to benefit from laser hair removal. Curious about what we can do for you in the field of laser hair removal? Our specialists are ready to assist you!


Accredited practitioners

At Gloow, we have more than 35 accredited practitioners. Each practitioner has their own specialization. We have many certified laser specialists on our team, as well as beauty therapists and weight loss coaches. You can turn to our employees with all your questions, whether they’re about a specific treatment, general inquiries, or aftercare. Our expert team has over 10 years of experience in the field of laser hair removal and has assisted thousands of customers. We offer a 100% results guarantee!

Relax during a laser treatment!

At Gloow, you truly find a moment of relaxation. When you think of laser hair removal, you might associate it with a painful experience. We guarantee that after a laser treatment, you’ll leave the laser clinic feeling completely refreshed, rejuvenated, and even relaxed. As soon as you step into the laser clinic and beauty salon, you’ll experience a warm and cozy atmosphere. Enjoy a glass of water, coffee, or tea before the (laser) treatment begins. When you enter the treatment room, you’ll immediately notice the calm and cleanliness. There’s always a soothing ambiance in the treatment rooms. You’ll hear gentle background music, and we take all the time for you. Experience complete “me-time” during the painless laser treatment and truly unwind.

Safe and Approved Equipment

In our treatment rooms, you’ll find safe and approved equipment. With these high-quality devices, our laser specialists perform safe and effective laser treatments. All of our devices feature the latest laser technology, are fully up-to-date, and FDA-approved. All our equipment is clinically proven.

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